Say NO to Glenn Davis

Say No to Glenn Davis
Say Yes to Stopping Gun Violence

Glenn Davis chose the gun lobby over public safety.  In November, the choice will lie with you.

His record: Glenn Davis has taken money from and been endorsed by the gun lobby. In exchange for the gun lobby’s  support, he has been completely silent on or opposed to:

  • Bans on high-capacity magazines – used in many mass shootings
  • Universal background checks – supported by 94% of Virginians
  • Red-flag laws – temporarily removes guns from those deemed a threat

This November, we have the opportunity to elect House Democrats who will fight for common-sense measures that protect Virginia families:

✔️Universal background checks

✔️Extreme-risk laws

✔️High-capacity magazine ban

These laws keep guns away from people with dangerous histories and are supported by over 83% of Virginians!

Do you want lawmakers who will do the gun lobby’s bidding or honor the victims and survivors of gun violence with action? We are ready to flip Virginia blue in 2019, but we can’t do it without you! We need your vote this November.

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