Our Members

Dawn Adams

District 68

David Bulova

District 37

Lamont Bagby

District 74

VLBC Chair

Elizabeth Bennett-Parker

District 45

Jeff Bourne

District 71

Counsel to the Leader

Betsy Carr

District 69


Nadarius Clark

District 79

Karrie Delaney

District 67

Democratic Whip

Eileen Filler-Corn

District 41

Kelly Fowler

District 21

Jackie Glass

District 89

Wendy Gooditis

District 10

Elizabeth Guzman

District 31


Cliff Hayes Jr.

District 77

Policy Vice Chair

Dan Helmer

District 40

Vice Chair for Outreach

Charniele Herring

District 46

Caucus Chair

Patrick Hope

District 47

Sally Hudson

District 57

Clint Jenkins

District 76

Mark Keam

District 35

Kaye Kory

District 38

Paul Krizek

District 44

Alfonso Lopez

District 49

Michelle Maldonado

District 50

Delores McQuinn

District 70

Mike Mullin

District 93

Candi Mundon King

District 2

Kathleen Murphy

District 34

Ken Plum

District 36

Marcia Price

District 95

Deputy Whip

Sam Rasoul

District 11


David Reid

District 32

Danica Roem

District 13

Don Scott

District 80

Democratic Leader

Briana Sewell

District 51

Irene Shin

District 86

Mark Sickles

District 43

Deputy Campaign Chair

Marcus Simon

District 53

Deputy Floor Leader, Secretary

Shelly Simonds

District 94

Suhas Subramanyam

District 87

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Deputy Whip

Rip Sullivan

District 48

Luke Torian

District 52

Kathy Tran

District 42

Deputy Whip

Schuyler VanValkenburg

District 72

Jeion Ward

District 92

Vice Chair for Operations

Vivian Watts

District 39

Policy Chair

Rodney Willett

District 73

Deputy Whip

Angelia Williams Graves

District 90